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The New And Improved OnePlus 2 Invite System


OnePlus has a made a long run for success and by word it has achieved a significant amount. With an increase in number of sales, OnePlus needed a way to manage its inventory and cashflow. The demand and supply issue made OnePlus to redefine its invite system for the current year flagship.

The OnePlus blog spot said, "More hardware companies have died from having too much inventory than from having too few sales. We’re in this for the long run, and we firmly believe that the long-term health of our business is far more important than growth." Hence came the new reservation system which works by users providing their e-mail address and they would in turn receive an invite as soon as possible.

OnePlus Introduces Improved Invite System

Before we tell you how the invite system works, you should know that it will be a lot easier to get invites for OnePlus 2 compared to its predecessor because of an increase in amount by 50 percent. It can be seen from the image provided that there will be invite cards for customers but there are no details on how this will be put in to effect. Other then this, reservations will be made by appointing users in queue and letting them know when an invite is available.

For those who don't have time to hang out on forums or social media, we'll have a quick and painless reservation list. Simply enter your email and we'll send you an invite as soon as they're available. We'll be prioritizing our early forum supporters here.

To get reservation for invites, you will provide your email address and they will contact you back as soon as an invite is available. do take note that forum supporters will get first priority over the invites so you might have to wait for a little while. We are not sure about the reservation dates but it seems that it will be available after the launch event to be held on 27th of July.

The new invite system is much faster than before and users who successfully received a OnePlus 2, they may send an invite to who ever they like. The new invite system pretty decent and more on this will be told here as we hear. As for now, let us know how you liked OnePlus' new invite and reservation system