Improve Font Readability on iPhone or iPad by Enabling Bold Text Mode

Bold text

You can improve the readability of fonts on iPhone or iPad by enabling Bold Text mode in iOS. Here’s how you can do it right now.

For a lot of users out there, reading the UI text on the iPhone or iPad might not be an easy thing to do due to poor eyesight. You can remedy the problem by either increasing the text size, which can essentially mess up the UI elements completely in some cases, or you can take the route for enabling Bold Text.

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When the Bold Text feature is enabled, your text will be, well, bold. This will allow you to read through different aspects of the OS without having to pull your device close to your face or even squint to make out text. Let’s show you how you can enable the Bold Text feature in iOS and make things easier when it comes to readability.

1. Launch the Settings app from the home screen.

2. Scroll down a little and then tap on Display & Brightness.

3. Enable the Bold Text toggle switch from here, which is situated at the very bottom.

4. You will be asked to restart your iPhone or iPad in order for the changes to take effect. Tap on Continue to initiate the restart process.

Bold text
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Once your device has booted back up, you’ll notice that all the fonts are now bold. This is a feature which will be felt throughout the UI elements of iOS. From the lock screen to the home screen and even in some apps if they’ve been developed to play nicely with fonts in iOS.

If you still think readability is an issue at this point then you may want to increase the text size of iOS as well. Navigate to Settings > Display & Brightness then tap on Font Size. Move the slider around till you’ve reached the sweet spot for readability. But remember, do not overdo this slider otherwise certain elements of the iOS UI will look completely messed up, especially notifications on the lock screen. Start off by moving the slider one step to the right at a time until you’ve achieved the desired results.

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