Huawei’s Android OS Replacement Reportedly Launching This Fall, and Won’t Just Be Suitable for Smartphones

Huawei Android replacement OS arriving this fall

One of Huawei’s worst nightmares came true over the weekend, when Google revoked the company’s Android license, cutting off its access to the search giant’s apps and services. While existing Huawei devices will not be affected as a result of the recent developments, the fate of upcoming phones could be in jeopardy. However, as the Chinese outlet Caijing reports, the company is preparing an alternative operating system, in case things do not settle down by mid-August, which is the time period till which Huawei has access to Android updates.

Android Alternate From Huawei Said to Work on PCs, Tablets, and IoT Products

Huawei’s Android alternative, which will presumably either be called HongMeng OS or Kirin OS, will be compatible with Android apps, according to the latest report. These are apparently the words of Huawei’s Consumer Business Chief Richard Yu, but the company hasn’t stated anything officially on this specific matter yet.

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Caijing claims that the company is still working on its operating system and it could be here by fall this year or spring next year at the latest. The OS is not just expected to run on smartphones, but also on other devices such as PCs, tablets, and IoT products. Although the operating system will apparently be compatible with Android apps, they will have to be recompiled to increase performance by as much as 60 percent. However, this might make the new platform less appealing for Android developers because of the extra work involved.

Huawei has apparently been working on an alternative operating system for several years, although the company has repeatedly said that it would like to continue working with Google and Microsoft. The new OS might not have access to popular Google services such as Gmail, Play Store, and Google Assistant and this could prove to be a deal breaker for many consumers. Similarly, the company might also have a hard time convincing developers to tweak their apps to work on its platform.

Otherwise, consumers might pass on Huawei devices in the future, no matter how good the hardware is.

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News Source: Caijing

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