Huawei CEO Confident That It Will Overtake Samsung as the World’s Biggest Smartphone Brand in 2020


Huawei plans to surpass Samsung by the year 2020 as the top smartphone maker in the world and there is no reason for anyone to not believe this to be achievable, although they behind Samsung in terms of volume. In 2016, Huawei ran for the spot above Apple for the second-largest manufacturer in the industry which was previously held by Apple and managed to achieve that. They have maintained their position above Apple for two quarters, so we can believe that Huawei can indeed take Samsung’s OEM crown becoming the top runner as a smartphone manufacturer, despite their issues of being banned in the US and not being able to sell their phones and services.

Huawei Solid a Staggering 200 Million Smartphones Last Year, Marking a 30 Percent Increase in Shipments Compared to 2017

According to an interview, Huawei CEO Richard Yu stated the following regarding the company’s position next year.

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“This year at the soonest, next year at the latest, we will become number one.”

Coming to actual facts and figures of the company, Yu added that the company sold over 200 million smartphones in 2018, that gave them a rise of 30 percent in shipments compared to 2017. He also stated that Huawei sold nearly 100 million smart devices that include wearables and tablets. This staggering amount of sales resulted in increased revenue of about 40 percent and boosted business to $52 billion in revenue.

According to Yu, consumers along with innovative technology are demanding and expecting larger screens. Huawei’s Mate X compliments those needs nicely, being a foldable smartphone with ample screen real estate. Although Yu admitted that Mate X will not be everyone’s cup of tea because of its high price point, he says that the demand for a foldable phone is high and he sees a decline in the price of these phones in the future.

Huawei’s latest flagships, the Huawei P30, and P30 Pro have just been launched, with the impeccable camera definitely being one of the strongest points of the two devices. In conclusion, Huawei has been doing considerably well for themselves and has set itself up against Samsung, which we are anxiously waiting to see how it pans out. Although the company seems far from Samsung’s sale numbers, however, it is still an achievable goal.

News Source: Business Insider