Huawei Has Some Breathing Room as It Gets a Temporary License to Continue Rolling out Software Updates

Huawei temporary license release software updates

For a moment, things were looking a bit dicey for Huawei, as the U.S. government initiated a blacklist order that prevented Google and several firms in the United States from conducting business with the Chinese firm. This meant that while Huawei smartphones and tablets were still a part of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), they would no longer receive software and security updates, along with not having access to the Play Store and the official Google apps ranging from Gmail, YouTube, and others. The Chinese technology behemoth has now been given a breather, as the U.S. has scaled back the aggression of its latest ban.

Huawei Can Continue Purchasing American-Made Components; Roll out Software Updates Through August of This Year

According to an update from Reuters, the U.S. Commerce Department has provided Huawei a temporary license to continue its trading with U.S.-based firms. The current license allows the Chinese manufacturer to maintain its current networks and roll out software updates to Android devices until the month of August. The license will expire on August 19, after which the original ban will be set into place unless a new agreement can be introduced, if the Chinese and U.S. government officials are willing to engage in positive talks.

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Shortly after the original blacklist order, Huawei issued its first statement related to the Android licensing ban, stating that it would strive to create a sustainable software ecosystem for its customers. This naturally provides open room to the rumor that Huawei might be working on its own smartphone OS that will gradually replace Android. Today, we reported that this platform might be called HongMeng OS, a much different name than ‘Kirin OS’ reported about much earlier.

Huawei has yet to issue a statement concerning the latest announcement, and if the company is to continue its business with U.S. companies after August, it will need to obtain new licenses. For now, customers will continue to receive software updates until a new agreement comes forth. Hopefully, this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Huawei’s Android smartphone launches. The company has really upped its game in the mobile space and in order for other companies to remain competitive and launch potentially better products down the road, we feel that a new agreement should be drafted.

News Source: Reuters

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