HTC’s One M9 Goes On Sale With Device Costing $698 For 32 GB Variant

Anyone anticipating HTC's recently launched One M9 is in for good news. The device has finally gone for sale in Taiwan, as HTC seems to have gotten a hold on some issues that were being reported on the device. The company's decision to go with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810 seemed to have caught up to it as the One M9 reported overheating in some preliminary benchmarks. Problems with the device booting up had also been reported, which ending up causing the device to be delayed from an initial release date of 16 March. HTC was quick to respond with a software update that solved the overheating problem, and with that in the past, the One M9 has finally become available for purchase in the company's home country.

HTC One M9 Goes On Sale In Taiwan With A Price Equivalent Of $798 For 32 GB Variant

The HTC One M9 appears to also pack quite a punch when it comes to the device's price. The 32 GB variant of the device will end up costing Taiwanese purchases a neat $698 when converted to US dollars. This is of course the price tag for the carrier free version of the device, so it possesses little relevance when used as a gauge for the device's expected release date price here. The 64 GB variant of the device sees the dollars rise to $732 USD, both of which make the One M9 an expensive device to own, over in Taiwan.

The One M9's expected to become available here in the US at starting April 10th, so the day isn't far when pricing information of the device in this part of the world also becomes clearer. All we can hope for now is that no further problems surface with the One M9 that might cause its release to be further delayed. Carrier pricing models should see the cost of the One M9 for the end user go down so don't give up hope just yet. Let us know what you think in the comments section and stay tuned.

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