HTC One M8 To Get Android L With HTC Sense 6?

Ramish Zafar

Last week we were able to get our hands on some screenshots which allegedly showed an HTC One M8 running Android L combined with an all new HTC Sense 7. While the screenshots didn't provide that much detail as did the Samsung Galaxy S5's Android L screenshots, we were nevertheless able to get a rough feel of what the next iteration in HTC's Sense UI combined with Android 5.0 would look like.

Well, for those HTC users who got all excited about Sense 7 and Android L, today's news is going to be a bit of a damper. @upleaks believes that the Android L update for the HTC One M8 will be coming with the current HTC Sense 6 and not the HTC Sense 7.

Android L For HTC One M8 To Come With HTC Sense 6 UI Claims Upleaks.

@upleaks believes that Android L for the HTC One M8 will be coming with the Sense 6 and not the Sense 7. The reason for this is being that according to @upleaks, the manufacturer has not started to port Sense 7 to the HTC One M8 currently, and by the looks of things, it might be quite a while since we get to see Sense 7.

What remains to be seen that if not coming with Sense 7 then will Android L on the HTC One M8 be coming with an updated HTC Sense 6.5 or the same old UI that users have become accustomed to. HTC has promised Android L for its device within 90 days of receiving the update from Google so we should find out soon anyways. But a new HTC Sense 7 inspired by Android L and Google's trademark Material Design did get everyone's hopes up and its yet to be seen whether what HTC has planned will have the same impact or not. We'll keep you updated as this develops.

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