HP Elite x3 Holiday Bundle Now Offers You a Massive Saving of Nearly $500


Using high-end Windows 10 Mobile devices certainly have their perks such as the ability to run Continuum for stretching productivity to the very next level. HP and Microsoft are giving you yet another opportunity to transform your current work or entertainment desk with the HP Elite x3 Holiday Bundle, and if you’re familiar with this bundle, you will know that you will get a ton of products for a very good price.

Entire HP Elite x3 Holiday Bundle Will Help You Get Wrapped up in a $1000 Bill

Both Microsoft and HP are giving away a total of 5 products, which have been listed below:

  • Unlocked HP Elite x3 Smartphone
  • HP Elite Desk Dock
  • HP Elite Lap Dock
  • HP Elite Case
  • HP Elite Screen Protector

Considering that the products belong to HP, it is difficult to imagine that such a deal exists, considering that an unlocked Elite x3 will set you back by nearly $700, even more so if you decide to purchase the whole bundle to replace your current setup. Regardless, the total bundle will come to a price of $999, so you’ll end up saving a whopping $462 if you decided to purchase the Holiday Bundle right away. We cannot tell for sure if the bundle is going to be discounted even further but considering that you’re getting a near-$500 discount on the entire product lineup, we don’t believe that the pricing is going to be lowered unless of course HP or Microsoft end up becoming graciously generous.

The smartphone itself, the Elite x3 happens to be one of the most powerful Windows 10 Mobile devices around. Touting a QHD panel and a 5.96-inch screen, the smartphone features a Snapdragon 820 coupled with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. Thanks to the large screen, you’ll be getting more screen real estate as well as the fact that larger smartphones always come with larger battery capacities.  If you want to check out the HP Elite x3 Holiday Bundle, you can visit the Microsoft Store right away. However, we would recommend that you make the purchase as soon as possible as you never know when the deal will expire.