HP Elite x3 Bundle Allows You to Expand Your Desktop at a $200 Discount


HP Elite x3 is back with another discounted bundle where you not only get to save $200 but also grab yourself the powerful and absurdly large Elite x3 smartphone coupled with a bunch of other freebies to help you transform your existing desktop into a spacious workspace, all thanks to the workings of a Windows 10 Mobile device.

HP Elite x3 Bundle Includes a Desk Dock and Can Be Yours for the Price of $599

The HP Elite x3 itself measures in at 6 inches and features a resolution of 2560 x 1440. It is certainly a large smartphone that allows you to enjoy a lot of screen real estate but at the same time, the flagship also allows you to expand that screen size a lot more thanks to the existence of the Desk Dock. The bundled Desk Dock and the smartphone retail for $599 (for the entire package) at the Microsoft Store will enable the user to plug in their Windows 10 Mobile device into the available port and attach an available display to take advantage of the Elite x3’s Continuum features.

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With this feature, you will be able to enjoy Windows 10 Mobile in desktop form and if you care about media consumption and getting work done on this platform, then the HP Elite x3 bundle with serve you perfectly. Keep in mind that as soon as you hook up the HP Elite x3 to the Desk Dock and this accessory to an available display, you will not be able to see the Windows 10 interface, but the Windows 10 Mobile one instead.

It is slightly different, but if you want all the apps for word processing, media consumption, forming spreadsheets, and more, then you will see that Windows 10 Mobile has all that to offer, despite being continuously criticized for not having an app repository as large as Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store. The bundle can be yours for the price of $599 and if you visit the Microsoft Store right away you can make your purchase immediately.

There are a lot of other accessories that come with this purchase, so that is a nice little addition.