Beginner’s Guide: Transfer Files From a USB Drive to Windows 10 PC

Fahad Chandio
USB Drive to PC Data Transfer in Windows 10

Are you new to the Windows 10 environment? Do you wish to create a backup of your removable USB drive on your PC? While you’re still getting used to the interface, migrating or backing up your data would be your first and foremost priority. The process to transfer your files from the USB drive to your Windows 10 PC is quite simple as all you have to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Press the Windows key + E on your keyboard to open This PC. You can locate your removable USB device in the menu as it would be listed among other fixed drives. It can be identified either by the name it was assigned or the icon as it would differ from the other drives.
    copy files from Usb to windows 10 pc
  2. Double-click on the drive to open and the view the contents inside.
    copy files from Usb to windows 10 pc
  3. Simply select the files and folders that you wish to transfer from your USB drive to your PC. Once you have made the selections, click on the Home tab up on the top-left corner of the window and click on the Copy to menu in the middle of the ribbon.
    data transfer in Windows 10
  4. Then you can either choose from a list of predefined locations or click on Choose location to input a location manually.
    data transfer in Windows 10
  5. In the Copy Items menu, you can select from the list of available drives and folders to determine and finalize where you wish to copy the folders. You can even create a new folder by clicking on Make New Folder. After selecting the location, click on Copy to begin the transfer.
  6. The system would commence the transfer immediately and it could take from a minute to an hour even depending on the file size.
  7. Once the process is completed, you can view the copied files in the destination folder.

By following these steps, you can safely copy the contents of your USB drive to your Windows 10 PC. It is advised to copy the contents instead of moving them directly as if the moving process gets interrupted in the middle then your files could get lost.

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