Stray Chapter 6 Slums Guide – How to Fix the Tracker and Find Doc


Much of the just-released kitty cat adventure Stray is relatively linear and straightforward, but in two particular areas – the Slums and Midtown – the game opens up more and presents a series a classic adventure-game-style puzzles. Unlike the rest of the game, it’s relatively easy to get confused in these parts, but thankfully, I’m here to help you through.

Here’s how to fix the Tracker and get on the right path to finding Doc in Chapter 6, The Slums:

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  • Chapter 6 begins in Momo’s apartment after you’ve explored the rooftops and activated the transmitter. Read the message on Momo’s computer, then exit the apartment through the window.
  • Save yourself some time here – to the left of Momo’s apartment, you’ll see two robots tossing paint cans to one another. Talk to both, then talk again to the one named Vapora. A prompt will come up. Push the triangle button. You’ll now have to time your meow to make Vapora drop the paint can (meow just before they throw it). The can will fall to the street below and make a mess outside the robot Laundromat. It may not be obvious why you did this right now, but it will be important later.
  • Return to the street level. The Slums are basically a two pronged fork. Starting at the area where you meet the Guardian, there’s a double set of stairs and a left and right path. Head down the left path and enter the Bar. Talk to Momo at his computer.
  • A robot named Sheamus will overhear your conversation with Momo and leave in a huff. The bartender will explain that Sheamus’ father Doc created a weapon to fight the Zurks that lurk in the sewers, but disappeared while testing it.
  • Momo will lead you to Sheamus’ apartment. Go in and talk to him. He’ll mention that his father hid a lab somewhere in the apartment.
  • In the room where Sheamus is, there is a shelf with a number of pictures lined up above it. The picture closest to where Sheamus sits has the keypad behind it. Knock the picture off the wall to reveal it.
  • But what’s the code? Behind one of the other pictures is the clue “time will tell.” Look at the times on the clocks on the wall above the couch. Each represents one digit in the code – 2511.
  • Enter the secret lab. Knock down the box on the shelf on the left side of the room. Inside the box you’ll find a broken Tracker.
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  • You’ll need to meet with a robot named Elliot to fix it. Head down the left fork in the Slums, beyond the Bar, and you’ll come to the door to Elliot’s apartment (there are two bots sitting on the ground near it). Scratch at the door and you’ll be let in. Head to the second floor to talk to Elliot.
  • Elliot is too cold to fix the tracker. He wants some sort of blanket.


  • Now it’s time to return to the Laundromat. With the bot who owns it distracted, you can get in and steal some Super Spirit Detergent.


  • Now head back beyond where you met the Guardian. There’s a trader here named Azouz. He’ll give you an electrical wire for the Detergent.
  • Head back down the Slums’ left path, beyond the bar and Elliot’s apartment, all the way to the back. You’ll find a robot named Grandma here, who will knit you a cloth from the electrical wire.
  • Take the cloth back to Elliot. He’ll fix the Tracker.
  • Take the Tracker back to Sheamus and he’ll lead you to a new area outside the Slums where you can finally track down Doc! From here the path is relatively linear and you shouldn’t get lost (although there are some Zurks to deal with).

Stray is available now on PC, PS4, and PS5. You can read our (very positive) review of Stray, right here.

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