How to Use Sidecar in macOS Monterey to Extend Mac Display to iPad


Wondering how to use Sidecar in macOS Monterey? Here's how you can use the feature to extend your Mac's display to your iPad.

Sidecar is Now a Slightly Hidden Feature in macOS Monterey, Here's How You Can Use it

Sidecar is an amazing feature which lets you use your (compatible) iPad as a secondary display for your (compatible) Mac. Just click on the AirPlay icon in the menu bar, select the iPad which belongs to you and connected to the same network as your Mac, and off you go.

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Sound very simple to use, except that it is not in macOS Monterey.

With Apple's latest desktop operating system, things are a little different. In fact, so different that you might up thinking that Apple removed Sidecar completely. But trust me, it's still there, just not that easy to access as it was in Catalina.


Note: In order to use Sidecar, make sure you fulfill the following requirements:

  • Your Mac and iPad should be logged into the same Apple ID.
  • No Internet sharing is enabled on iPad or Mac.
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Handoff are enabled

Step 1. Click on the Control Center icon in the menu bar at the top.

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Step 2. Now click on the display icon to reveal more details.

Step 3. Simply select your iPad once it shows up. Your iPad will instantly transform into a secondary display for the Mac.

You have the option to customize the orientation of the display straight from System Preferences. If you prefer the iPad to be on the left hand side of your Mac then switching orientation is the way to go.

That AirPlay icon in Catalina was a solid reminder that Sidecar existed and I can use it anytime if the need arises. With macOS Monterey, it's almost like Apple doesn't want you to use the feature and instead wants to push everyone over to Universal Control. But extending the Mac display to an iPad makes so much sense in a lot of workflows.

Anyway, if you ever wondered where Sidecar went with the latest release of macOS, now you know how to get to it in a few extra clicks. The feature is there, works absolutely reliably, except that it's not that visible compared to before.

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