How to Rename Bluetooth Devices in Windows 10 Computers – Complete Tutorial

Many of us use Bluetooth devices, and when we pair them to our computers, Windows automatically sets a name for them. These are default names that the manufacturer has set for these devices. The annoying thing about these default names is that if you have multiple devices paired like multiple printers, it is tough to differentiate between Canon IBCRSBT or Canon BQTYS (these names are only examples). If you find it annoying as well, you can easily rename a Bluetooth device in Windows 10. In this tutorial, I am going to guide you on how to do this step-by-step.

Rename a Bluetooth Device in Windows 10

First, ensure that your Bluetooth is turned On. You can turn it On from the Action Center or the Windows Settings.

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Turn On Bluetooth

There are different ways to turn on your Bluetooth. I am going to show you two of them, and you can pick whichever you find simpler.

Method 1:

You can turn the Bluetooth On from the Action Center at the bottom right corner of your desktop taskbar. Click on the icon in the extreme bottom right of your desktop. Then click on Bluetooth to switch it On. [If the icon is blue, it is switched On. If it is grey like in the image below, it is turned Off]

Rename Bluetooth Devices

Method 2:

a) Open Settings using the Win + I shortcut or open it from the Start Menu.

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b) Click on Devices.

Rename Bluetooth Devices
c) In the Bluetooth & other devices tab, turn the toggle On under Bluetooth.

Rename Bluetooth Devices
Change Bluetooth Name

Step-1: Go to the Start Menu and type Control Panel. Click Open.

Start Menu
Step-2: Under Hardware and Sound, select View devices and printers.

Rename Bluetooth Devices
Step-3: Right-click on the device whose name you wish to change. Click Properties.

Rename Bluetooth Devices
Step-4: Click on the Bluetooth tab in the device property window.

Bluetooth Tab
Step-5: Change the name in the bar next to the device icon (shown below).

Rename Device
Step-6: Click Apply (it won't be greyed out like in the image below when you type a new name) and then click OK.

Rename Bluetooth Devices
IMPORTANT NOTE: The changes won’t be applied immediately. Turn your Bluetooth OFF using the toggle switch in Settings or from the Action Center at the desktop taskbar. Please wait for a few seconds, and then switch it back ON. Your device will then be successfully renamed.

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