Prioritize App Downloads in iOS 13 / iPadOS Running on iPhone, iPad

Uzair Ghani
Prioritize app downloads to get your favorite apps and games quicker

Here's how you can prioritize app downloads in iOS 13 and iPadOS running on iPhone and iPad. Do this to download important apps first.

iOS 13 / iPadOS Lets You Prioritize App Downloads so You Can Download Your Favorite Apps or Games Quicker than Everything Else

There are a lot of great features in iOS and iPadOS which we stumble upon on a daily basis. One of them is the ability to prioritize app downloads. This means that if you are downloading several apps at the same time, then you already know that your iPhone or iPad will put everything in a queue and will download everything in a specific order. But thankfully, you can just skip through line and have one particular app download before everything else. It's a nifty little feature and iOS 13 / iPadOS makes everything nice and simple too.

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Note: I'm assuming that you already have multiple downloads happening right now. But for the sake of this guide, I'm going to download PUBG and Fortnite on my iPhone and show you how it all works.

Step 1. Locate the app which you want to prioritize.

Step 2. Deep press on the app which you want to prioritize if you have an iPhone with 3D Touch, or just touch and hold for the Haptic Touch menu to pop right up.

Prioritize App Downloads

Step 3. Now simply tap on Prioritize Download.

Step 4. iOS 13 / iPadOS will now prioritize the app which you just selected, ensuring that it downloads first so you can get on with your business immediately.

This feature is super handy when you are about to catch a flight and you remember at the very last minute that you needed that to-do app so badly along with a game to pass some time while in the air. But of course, either it's going to be the game or the app, so you can prioritize one or the other before you catch your flight.

I never ever found myself using this feature at all. Maybe because I'm not hopping around that much. But now that you know it exists, it's best you make use of it when the situation demands it.

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