Create macOS Monterey Beta USB Installer Disk for Clean Install [Tutorial]

Uzair Ghani
How to create macOS Monterey beta USB installer disk for clean installation

Today we will show you how you can download and clean install macOS Monterey beta onto your Mac using a USB installer disk.

Create a macOS Monterey Beta USB Installer Disk for Clean Installation Later

The initial beta of macOS Monterey is super rough around corners. After all, it is the first-ever beta of Apple's important software update. Things are only going to be smooth once several betas are released.

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But, you can make things slightly smoother for yourself if you opt for a clean installation. It is not an easy process, but very worth it if you want the best performance output from macOS Monterey. All you need is a USB flash drive and a copy of the macOS Monterey beta installer.


Download the macOS Monterey beta installer

Assuming you have a paid Apple Developer Program membership, and we have this feeling that you do, sign in and head over to the Downloads section. Once here, find the macOS Monterey beta and download the Beta Access Utility to your desktop and then install it.

Once the Beta Access Utility is installed, launch System Preferences, then click on Software Update. The new macOS Monterey beta will show up. Download it.

Once the download is complete, it will ask you to install it. Simply cancel it and you can conveniently get to it later in the Applications folder. Just let it sit there.

Format Your USB Flash Drive

  • Plug in your USB flash drive
  • Once it shows up, launch Disk Utility
  • Format it using the following parameters: GUID Partition Map, Mac OS Extended (Journaled), Name: Installer then click on Erase

Create macOS Monterey USB Installer Disk

  • With the newly created USB plugged in and macOS Monterey beta installer sitting in the Applications folder, launch Terminal
  • Type the following command exactly as shown. There can be no mistakes at all:

sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ 12\ --volume /Volumes/Installer --nointeraction

  • Hit the Return key on your keyboard and enter your Mac's password if prompted for it
  • Terminal will now start creating the USB and this may take a while. You will be informed once done

Clean Install macOS Monterey Beta

  • Plug in the newly created USB and restart your Mac or power it on while holding down the left Option key on the keyboard
  • When you see multiple boot options, select the newly created macOS Monterey beta installer disk
  • Erase your Mac's SSD using Disk Utility
  • Once the format is complete, follow the on-screen prompts for installation of the OS

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