Download: Official macOS Monterey Wallpapers Now Available for Everyone


You can now go ahead and download the all-new macOS Monterey wallpaper for any device you may have in crystal clear quality.

Download the New macOS Monterey Wallpapers in Both Light and Dark Flavors for Any Device You May have

macOS Monterey is not a massive update over macOS Big Sur, but it holds its own in a lot of key areas. But, that is not why you are here. You are here because the new operating system from Cupertino features a brand new wallpaper. There are two of them to be had right now, and both can be downloaded immediately.

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As ever, if you want to download the wallpaper in maximum quality then it is best that you download it from this link as a zip. This way you will get the wallpapers in the highest quality possible, making it a perfect fit for something like a 4K or 5K display. If you download the wallpapers from the embedded gallery above, then you will be limited to the 2560 resolution.

Both wallpapers are 6016 pixels in width and 6016 pixels in height originally. What this means is, these wallpapers are massive and pack every bit of abstract goodness which Apple laid down for macOS Monterey.

If you are a tech nerd, then you will be surprised to learn that these wallpapers are larger than 6K resolution. Given you have something like the Pro Display XDR, then these wallpapers will look super crispy on it as well.

We gave the wallpapers a go on several devices we have and found that it looks best on a massive display, especially the light version. But how you end up using it is entirely up to you.

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