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How to Download and Install macOS Monterey Beta on Your Mac Right Now


Here is how you can download and install the latest macOS Monterey beta on your compatible Mac right now in a few easy steps.

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If you want to learn about the new features of the latest Mac update, macOS Monterey, then head over to this link:

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macOS Monterey is out there in the wild, the official announcement is done, and everyone is now looking forward to test out the new operating system on their Mac. You can do it too, as long as you have a compatible Mac with you. Make sure you check the list right here before going ahead:

But, like any other beta from Apple released today, this one requires a paid membership in order to get access immediately. If you like, you can wait for the public beta to arrive in July, and you do not have to spend a dime for it. Sign up here for the Apple Developer Program here if you haven't already.

Also make sure that you have backed everything up to a safe and secure location. If you use iCloud, then it is a good idea to drop everything in your iCloud Drive folder. If you don't, then simply use an external drive or USB storage in order to make things secure.

Once that is out of the way, simply sign in to the Developer Program website, head over to the Downloads section, find macOS 12, then click on the Install profile button next to the available download. The profile will be saved to your Downloads folder, install it and then grab the macOS Monterey update from System Preferences > Software Update.

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The update will be available to your over the air. Once it is downloaded, it will be installed onto your Mac. This may take a while so exercise patience.

Remember, this beta is the first one available from Apple, therefore expect it to be super rough when it comes to daily use. You will experience bad battery life or even broken app functionality. This is absolutely normal for a beta. After all, you are testing the operating system out here, not using it as your daily driver.

Planning to clean install macOS Monterey? Be sure to check out the following: