How to Save a Website as PDF File on a Mac

Save a website or webpage as a PDF file on your Mac using Safari

We will show you how you can save and view a website as a PDF file on a Mac using the Safari web browser.

Safari in macOS Allows You to Save a Website as a PDF File and it is Super Easy to do

Whenever we come across a website or webpage that we deem super important, we either bookmark it  or just save it on our computer as an HTML file. But what if you want to save a website as a PDF? This is super handy if you come across as article which you want to read later on and you are not sure whether you will have an internet connection at that time or not. Thankfully, you don't need special software in order to do this. You can do it straight from the first-party Safari web browser in macOS. Open up your favorite site and read through for more details.

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Save Website as PDF Using Safari for Mac

Step 1. Launch the Safari browser.

Step 2. Enter the URL of the site which you want to save as PDF.

Step 3. In the menu bar, click on File.

Step 4. Now click on Export as PDF.

Export website as PDF file in Safari

Step 5. Select the location where you want to save the PDF file.

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Step 6. Profit.

Surprisingly, this feature works on lots of different websites that you can think of. If there's an article behind a paywall which you want to share with someone, you can use the Export as PDF feature for it. Also make sure that the website has loaded up properly before you click on the File menu. For some reason, and maybe it's a bug in macOS Catalina, the option for exporting the site as PDF is grayed out at certain times.

This feature for saving a website as a PDF file has been around for quite some time now. But only a few people know about it and I have seen many resort to different online services and tools to save an entire webpage as a PDF file.

Now that you know how to save a webpage as a PDF, it would be great if you share your newly learned trick with others as well.

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