How to Change the Refresh Rate on the Galaxy S20 [Tutorial]

Furqan Shahid

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is without a doubt, one of the finest devices available in the market. With a gorgeous QHD+ AMOLED display that is capable of going as high as 120Hz refresh rate, and a bucket full of other features, if you are looking for a good device, this is the way to get started.

Among the biggest selling point aside from the usual suspects happens to be the display itself; Samsung has finally joined the others in the market, and this time around, you are getting a 120Hz refresh rate on the display, and let me tell you, once you start using this, you will not be able to get used to anything else.

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Enable 120Hz Refresh Rate on Your Galaxy S20

If you have just received your device, chances are that the feature is going to be disabled right out of the box. Not sure why Samsung has done this, but that was the case with the unit we received. Enabling it, however, is really, really simple.

Now before you begin, do know that by enabling the higher refresh rate will limit yourself to FHD+ resolution and the battery will drain faster, as well. However, based on our experience so far, it is safe to say that the tradeoff is worth it.

With everything aside, let's have a look at how you can turn on the refresh rate.

  1. Start by heading over to Settings.
  2. Once there, tap on Display options.
  3. Once there, look for a tab called Motion smoothness and tap it.

  4. You will be taken to another menu, and here, you simply have to choose High refresh rate and tap on Apply.

That is it, once you have hit the apply button, you can go back to using your phone and enjoy the fast refresh rate.

I have to say, before getting my hands on, the only experience with faster displays was with the monitors on the PC. However, the moment I switched over to the Galaxy S20 and turned on the faster refresh rate, I was blown away. Once you switch, there is no going back.


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