How to Download a Copy of Your Twitter Data [Tutorial]

Uzair Ghani
Download all your Twitter data using iPhone, iPad, Android

Today we will show you how you can request and download a copy of your Twitter data right from your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Twitter Lets You Download a Copy of Your Entire Social Network Data, Downloading it Super Simple Using an iPhone, iPad or Android Device

There is a high chance you have a Twitter account. Even if you do not, eventually you will make one. And with time, you will post a lot of things, accumulating a lot of data, including tweets, photos, videos and more.

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If, at any given point in time, you feel the need to download all that data, maybe because you want to delete your account and save a local copy, you will be pleased to learn that you can do that. It is a fairly straightforward process and one which you can perform on either an iPhone, iPad or Android device.


The steps might be slightly different across iOS and Android, but generally they are the same.

Step 1. Launch the Twitter app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device

Step 2. Swipe right from the left hand side of the screen to bring up more options

Step 3. Now tap on Settings and privacy

Step 4. Now tap on Account under your username

Step 5. Under Data and permissions, tap on Your Twitter data

Step 6. You will now be taken to the web browser and will be required to enter your Twitter username and password to sign in

Step 7. Now you will see a bunch of options, simply tap on Download archive

Step 8. On the next page tap on Request archive

Step 9. Twitter will send you an email to the account with which your Twitter account is linked with. This email will include the download link to the zip file containing all your data

What you end up doing with this data is entirely up to you. If you plan on deleting your Twitter account, then it is a good idea to download everything before calling it quits. Who knows that fire tweet you let out years ago comes up in a conversation and you won't have regrets that you do not own a copy of it.

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