How to Create 3D Maps in Microsoft Excel

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If you work with Excel a lot, then you already know what tables are. You can use the data in tables to create graphs so that users of the data can visualize trends easily. If you are dealing with data involving cities, countries, and states, you can also use maps to display the data better. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create 3D maps in Microsoft Excel.

Create 3D Maps in Microsoft Excel

Creating maps is not a hard task and the process to do so is very straightforward as well. Just follow the steps below, and you are good to go:

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Step-1: Open Microsoft Excel and go to the sheet where you wish to add the map.

Step-2: Select any cell in your table and make sure you are in the Home section.

Step-3: In the Home section, click on the Format as Table option to expand it.

Create 3D Maps in Microsoft Excel

Step-4: Choose a style. [You can choose from Light, Medium, and Dark styles, and you can even create your own if you wish. However, for simplicity purposes, I suggest using the already provided styles]

Create 3D Maps in Microsoft Excel
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Step-5: Click OK.

Step-6: Click on the Insert option in the ribbon.

Step-7: Click on the 3D Map option to expand it.

Create 3D Maps in Microsoft Excel

Step-8: Select Open 3D Maps

Create 3D Maps in Microsoft Excel

Step-9: You will be asked ‘Enable Data Analysis add-ins to use this feature. Select Enable.

Create 3D Maps in Microsoft Excel

Step-10: You will be directed to a map, and here you can customize it according to your wishes.

  •  You can choose different styles for the area to be marked by selecting any of the styles provided in the Data section.
  •  You can choose Height and Category for the fields in the table.
  •  You can also add date and time details to the map.

Step-11: You can customize the map by selecting themes, changing map styles, adding text boxes, etc., using the ribbon shown at the top.

Step-12: After you are satisfied with the changes, you can capture the 3D map as a picture using the Capture Screen icon or record it as a video using the Create Video icon. You can then use the video or images in your presentations.

Final Map

I hope this helped. Let us know in the comments below.

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