How to Change Where Screenshots Are Saved on Windows 11

Zarmeen Shahzad
Windows 11 Systems

There are different ways to take a screenshot on Windows computers, and depending on which method you choose, your screenshot location may vary. However, if you used the Windows shortcut keys to take a screen shot (Win + Prt sc), the location is a screenshot folder in Pictures by default. You can change this as well if you wish. This tutorial will show you how to change where screenshots are saved on Windows 11.

Change Where Screenshots Are Saved

Be default screenshots will be saved in a screenshots folder, but you can easily modify this in a few steps. You can change the default location to another drive or even a Dropbox folder if you want. Just follow the steps below:

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Step-1: Open File Explorer by clicking on the explorer icon on the taskbar or use the shortcut keys Win + E to open it.


Step-2: Select This PC from the left pane.

This PC

Step-3: Select Pictures from the right pane.

Change where screenshots are saved

Step-4: Right-click on the Screenshots folder and select Properties.

Change where screenshots are saved

Step-5: A new window will open. Click on the Location tab.

Change where screenshots are saved

Step-6: You can manually type the file path for your selected location and then click Apply. However, if you don’t know the exact file path you can click on Move.

Change where screenshots are saved

Step-7: Another window will open when you click on Move. Click on the folder of your choice and then click on Select folder.

Change where screenshots are saved

Step-8: Select Apply and then press OK.

BONUS STEP: If at some point you wish to get the default location back, you can follow steps 1 – 5 and then click on Restore Default.

Change where screenshots are saved

I hope this helps. If you have any more questions, let us know in the comments below.

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