Here’s How You Can Hide Apple Watch Activity from Your Friends or Family Members


Want to hide your Apple Watch activity from your friends or family members? Here's how you can do it in a few easy steps.

Did You Know: You Can Hide Your Apple Watch Activity Rings from Others, Here's How You Can Do it

Apple Watch allows you to share your Activity rings with people who also own an Apple Watch. Just send an invite, they will accept and you can start sharing your Move, Exercise and Stand rings with that person. In fact, you'll start seeing their Activity progress as well. So, it's a two-way street.

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For some reason, if you believe that you should not be sharing this stuff with your friends or family members anymore or temporarily, then today we will show you how you can hide your Activity from them. There are multiple ways to do this and we will highlight both below.

Note: The Apple Watch does not share your Activity with others unless you specifically send a request.

Using iPhone

Step 1. Launch the Fitness app on your iPhone

Step 2. Tap on the Sharing tab at the bottom right corner

Step 3. Select the friend or family member you wish to hide your Activity rings from

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Step 4. At the bottom you will see several options for disabling Activity sharing with this particular person - Hide my Activity and Remove Friend

Step 5. Either tap on Hide my Activity or Remove Friend - choose wisely as the Remove Friend option removes the person from Activity sharing entirely and you have to send a request again if you want to re-enable sharing

Using Apple Watch

Step 1. Launch the Activity app on your Apple Watch

Step 2. Swipe left to access the Sharing page

Step 3. Select the friend or family member from whom you want to hide your Activity rings from

Step 4. Scroll all the way down and select either Hide my Activity or Remove Friend

If you're removed the friend / family member from the list then you have to send the Activity request again in order to resume sharing. But, choosing Hide my Activity is the right thing to do here as it allows you to stealthily hide or share Activity rings without hurting any feelings.

Apple does not share your Activity progress with other Apple Watch users in your contact list until or unless you specifically send a request for it.

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