How to Use Dock on Apple Watch – Add or Remove Favorite Apps

Customize Apple Watch Dock

In today's tutorial, we will show you how to use the Apple Watch Dock and how you can add or remove favorite apps from it in a few easy steps.

Learn to Add, Remove or Access Favorite Apps Using Dock Feature on Apple Watch

If you received an Apple Watch this Christmas as a gift then chances are high you are still learning new things about it. Things like how to jump in and out of apps, sending emoji and whatnot. Today, we're going to talk about apps and how you can quickly access them using the Dock. It's pretty simple, and once set up properly, you can access your favorite apps or jump into a workout with just a couple of button presses and taps.

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What is the Apple Watch Dock?

Unlike the 'Dock' on iPhone, iPad or even the Mac, the one on Apple Watch is accessed differently. But, it offers similar functionality - quick access to your favorite or recent apps. Just press the Side button next to the Digital Crown and the Dock will pop right up. Swipe through and you will see a list of predefined favorite apps (by default). Chances are, you will be fine with the list of available apps. But, you can customize what is shown here for a more personal experience.

Customize Apple Watch Dock

On your iPhone, launch the Watch app and then tap on Dock. Here you have two options at the top - Recents and Favorites. If you tap on Recents, pressing the Side button on the Apple Watch will just take you to the list of recently used apps. Leaving it on Favorites will show the list of apps which are under the Favorites section. This includes Activity, Heart Rate, Workout, Music etc.

You can add or remove apps from Favorites by pressing the Edit button on the top right hand corner. Now simply press the + button next to the app in the Do Not Include section, moving it to the Favorites part. Reorder apps by dragging them up or down. Remove apps by tapping the - button next to the app in the Favorites section. Once satisfied, tap on Done at the top right hand corner.

On your Apple Watch, simply press the Side button, next to the Digital Crown. You'll now see the Dock, complete with your assigned favorite apps. Flick through them and tap on one to jump into your favorite app. It's that easy.

Of course, you can keep on customizing this area using the Watch app depending on your use-case.

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