Gotham Knights – Characters Guide And Which One to Choose First

Agnese Carluccio
Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights, WB Games Montréal’s latest work, features four different playable characters. During your adventure, you can play as Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood, or Robin and freely swap between them when you go to the Belfry. Each hero has unique abilities, weapons, and skills, which can be unlocked by completing challenges and missions.

When you first start playing Gotham Knights, the game will let you pick one of them, briefly explaining their respective proficiencies. However, if you are still uncertain about which hero you should choose first, you will find a detailed overview of each Gotham Knights character in this guide.

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Nightwing is a fantastic hero that performs pretty well in close-range combats, is exceptionally agile, and has excellent mobility. His skills let him move quickly from one foe to another, and he is the perfect pick for co-op, as different abilities increase his and the other heroes’ stats. Assassin’s Mark, for example, marks an enemy and increases Nightwing and his teammates’ damage to the selected foe by 10%. Family Ties increases his defense and resistance by 10%, granting additional and unique bonuses to his allies.

His Extra Momentum Bar ability gives him an extra Momentum bar, which is extremely helpful during more challenging fights, while Momentum Gain+ increases his Momentum gain by 15%. This character performs a series of quick back jumps upon unlocking Evade Chain by holding the corresponding button. With Mind And Body, his health is partially restored using Momentum abilities. His Revive Darts skill is a great resource when playing co-op, as he can instantly revive an ally from afar by using darts.


Batgirl is the perfect pick if you are looking for a more balanced approach to the game, as she is a great fighter and can use her hacking skills to get some help during stealth phases. The Critical Expertise ability, available to every hero, increases critical damage by 20% and can be unlocked early in the game. Similarly, Elite Beatdown lets Batgirl perform a series of attacks that can’t be interrupted by most enemy attacks. Moreover, her defense temporarily increases by 20%, making her quite tanky.

Moreover, when enemies deplete her health, she can revive once with the Second Wind ability, restoring 50% of her HP. A great skill that will come in handy at different times, especially during more demanding fights. With the Enemy Counter Focus ability, this character also receives a 75% defense bonus when hit by a foe counter-attack. Her hacking skills can be unlocked and enhanced with Remote Hacking, which allows her to disable cameras, turrets, electronic panels, and other devices when using AR mode. With Digital Ghost, she can’t be detected by sensors and cameras, making it easier to play stealthily.

Red Hood

Red Hood is the strongest hero of the four and an enjoyable character to play with. He performs best with longer-range combats but can also deal with closer enemies by performing solid grabs. His Focused Fire ability lets him aim longer at a target, allowing him to deal 4x more damage. With Lucky Rounds, instead, every round he shoots has a little chance to deal 5x the damage to foes, and it applies to Ranged Attacks and Precision Aim.

His Large Grab lets him perform a grab on larger enemies, like the big foes with a shield. When Iron Grip is unlocked, Red Hood can’t be interrupted by most attacks when grabbing an enemy. Coup De Grace is the perfect ability that will come in handy during more demanding situations, as he can inflict 10% more damage when foes have 30% health or less. Mob Justice is another interesting skill, as it helps Red Hood during night patrols by giving him 15% increased damage and 5% more critical damage against the Mob.


Robin is the perfect character for players that love playing stealth, as he has different abilities that help him complete missions and challenges by remaining undetected. For example, with Light Footed unlocked, he produces no sound while running and moves faster than the other heroes while crouched. He can perform Takedowns and Stealth Strikes on larger enemies with Turnabout Takedown, and his damage is increased while he is undetected with Stealth Damage+. Reduced Visual Stim, instead, makes Robin harder to detect, and foes take longer to notice him.

With Back Damage+, Robin can deal 20% more damage to enemies when he attacks them from behind, and his pellet sticks to surfaces, creating a temporary mine with Sticky Pellet. If Sticky Pellets x3 is unlocked, the hero shoots up to three sticky pellets at once. Finally, Elemental Burst makes Robin gain a 5% chance of dealing additional Elemental Damage to enemies in the area nearby and also reduces foes’ resistance to Elemental Effects by 50% for 10 seconds. The perfect combo to defeat multiple standard enemies in a few seconds.

We will dig into each character’s skills in a separate guide. In the meantime, you can look at our beginners’ tips for Gotham Knights.

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