Gotham Knights – Best Batgirl Skills to Unlock Early

Agnese Carluccio
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Batgirl is one of the four playable characters in Gotham Knights and allows a balanced approach to the game. Her abilities cover various areas of improvement, from combat to hacking. She can be a formidable fighter to deal with but also a proficient hacker who can disable cameras and other electronic devices.

The hero’s Skill Tree can be accessed by opening the Abilities menu. Upon leveling up, you receive one Ability Point, which can be used on the Skill Tree. Points can also be earned when completing specific Side Activities, as for Knighthood Challenges. Several Skills can be unlocked early to improve Batgirl’s statistics and abilities right from the beginning of the game, but which are the best? You will find all the information you need in this guide.

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Justice Skills

The first skill Batgirl will learn, as requested by the game itself in the early stages, is Perfect Evade. This ability allows the hero to perform a perfectly timed evade. If executed correctly, it generates Momentum and will enable her to land a Perfect Attack on the enemy. Perfect Attacks frequently pop up as a bonus objective in different missions, and if this request is met, you will earn extra XP upon completing the quest.

Another excellent starting skill for this hero is Elite Beatdown. With this ability unlocked, Batgirl won’t be interrupted by most enemy attacks. Moreover, her defense will increase by 20% while using this skill. This means she can land great combos while being hit by projectiles, for example, and take less damage from them for a brief period.

Grit Skills

Several Grit abilities can be helpful right from the beginning of the game. The first is HP+, which increases Batgirl’s base health by 40%. In other words, this buff won't affect any additional HP provided by her gear. Another great skill is Unflinching Heavy Strike. When this ability is unlocked, most enemy attacks can’t interrupt the heavy melee attacks performed by Batgirl. She still takes damage if hit, however.

One of Batgirl’s most valuable abilities is Second Wind. This skill lets her revive once after her HP bar reaches zero. It also restores 50% of the health. Second Wind comes in handy with more challenging enemies and against large groups of foes. Focus on obtaining it as soon as possible, as it will probably save you many times. This ability can also be used twice if Vigilante Resolve gets unlocked.

Oracle Skills

Batgirl is a great hacker, and many of her abilities are focused on that. Remote Hacking is the first Oracle skill that can be unlocked. Using AR mode, the hero can disable electronic devices such as cameras, turrets, mines, and lasers. Stealth gets a lot easier with that. Digital Ghost is another interesting skill, preventing electronic devices from detecting Batgirl. This means she can walk near a camera, and enemies won’t be alerted.

Hacking Overload marks the next step in the Oracle tab, as her hacking skills let her modify the function of security systems, meaning that she can make electrical panels explode and significantly damage enemies nearby.

Knighthood Abilities

Batgirl’s Knighthood Abilities tab can be unlocked upon completing specific Knighthood Challenges listed in the quests menu. They should be tackled as soon as possible, as they give access to many crucial skills. Glide is undoubtedly the most important one, as it lets Batgirl use her cape to glide through the air, making her move easier and faster in Gotham.

You can check our guide about the best character in the game if you have doubts about which one to pick first. And stay tuned for more Gotham Knights tips coming soon!

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