Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 – How to Complete Week 3 Quests

Agnese Carluccio
Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

New Fortnite Week 3 quests are here, and they involve various challenges to complete before Season 4 ends. As usual, each weekly mission rewards you with plenty of XP; this time, there are 20,000 XP for each successful quest. Moreover, players receive additional experience points when two or more challenges are done. If you are having trouble with them, this guide will give you valuable tips on finishing all Fortnite Week 3 quests.

Fortnite Season 4: Week 3 Quests

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Below, you will find all Fortnite Week 3 challenges for Chapter 3 Season 4, along with tips to complete each one.

Deal damage to Opponents with a Marksman Rifle from at least 75m away (0/150). When you land on the island, start searching for a Cobra DMR. When you find one, go near any crowded location, such as Tilted Towers, and look for enemies that are far from you with your weapon. Ping them so you can see the distance between you and them, and if it’s more than 75 meters, shoot at them. You need to deal 150 HP damage with a Marksman Rifle to complete this quest, which can be done during multiple matches.

Deal damage to Opponents with SMGs or Assault Rifles (0/1,000). This weekly challenge is pretty easy to complete, as you will probably deal with it naturally as you play the game. Pick an SMG and an Assault Rifle of your choice, head to any crowded area like Tilted Towers or Herald’s Sanctum, and try to hit as many enemies as possible.

Deal damage to Supply Llamas (0/500). Supply Llamas are rare in Fortnite and spawn randomly on the map, so you must be lucky to find them. However, when you see one, try to hit it as much as possible until you deal 500 HP damage to the Supply Llama. You can pick up where you left off in a new match if you fail.

Gain shields from Jellyfish, Shield Fish, or Slurpfish (0/200). Try to land near a fishing spot at the beginning of the match. For example, you can head to the beach east of Herald’s Sanctum and look for a fishing rod. Start fishing until you get the fishes you need, and use them to fill your shield bar. You can complete this quest during multiple matches. Alternatively, you can also stock up on them during a single game and use them if you get damaged by other players.

Land at The Driftwood & Collect Bars in a single match (0/2). This quest is split into two different stages. For the first one, you must land at The Driftwood at the start of a match. You can find this flying ship northwest of Flutter Barn now, but it sometimes changes its location so make sure you double-check its position on the map, as it will be visible. Then, you must collect 100 Bars on the ship or somewhere else on the island, as long as done during a single game. Look for cash registers and safes, as they will likely have a good amount of Gold Bars. Chests and Sofas can also hide Bars.

Spend Bars in a single match (0/100). Spending Bars in Fortnite is quite simple. You can use them to buy items from NPCs and vending machines, to upgrade a weapon at a Bench, or to hire specific NPCs. Once you spend 100 Bars during a single game, the quest is done.

Visit the Reality Tree and Herald’s Sanctum in a single match (0/2). To complete this Week 3 challenge in Fortnite, land either in Herald’s Sanctum or Reality Tree at the beginning of the game. Then, look for a car and head towards the location you’re missing to finish the quest.

All Fortnite Season 4 Weekly Challenges available until now are listed below:

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