Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 – How to Complete Week 2 Quests

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Fortnite Week 2 Quests are available with seven new missions to complete until Season 4 ends. They involve different tasks around the Island and will reward you with a significant amount of XP. In fact, you will get 20,000 XP for each successful challenge you complete. As for the other weeks, you will also get bonus XP when you finish two or more of them. If you are having trouble with Fortnite Week 2 Quests, you will find our tips for completing them in this guide.

Fortnite Season 4: Week 2 Quests

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You will find all Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 quests for Week 2 below, along with our tips and tricks to finish each one.

Damage players within 5 seconds of mantling (0/350). Head to any crowded location in Fortnite Season 4, such as Tilted Towers, and run towards a building that is not too high. You will be able to climb on it. After doing that, you have 5 seconds to damage your enemies. If you are having trouble with this mission, you can complete it in different matches.

Deal damage to opponents with a legendary weapon (0/150). Legendary weapons are not easy to find in Fortnite, but there are a few ways to get them. Legendary weapons are often stored inside Vaults, for example, and you only need to find one or more keys to open them. You can also get Chromed weapons and upgrade them with the damage you deal to enemies. Or use any Upgrade Bench on the Island to power up your preferred weapon until you reach the required status. Once you have obtained a legendary weapon, you must deal 150 HP damage to your enemies.

Eliminate opponents while chromed (0/3). You can obtain the chromed status by using the Chrome Splash item on yourself. You will find Chrome Splashes while exploring the map or inside chests. You can also get them by destroying chromed structures you see on the island. Remember that the chromed status won’t last forever on yourself, so take more Chrome Splashes with you if you think you might need more than one to complete this quest.

Emote for 5 seconds in The Flairship (0/1). After the latest update, The Flairship has changed its location, and you can now find it west of Grim Gambles. Climb the blimp and perform any emote for 5 seconds to complete this Week 2 quest in Fortnite.

Gain shields at the Reality Tree (0/75). Head to the Reality Tree and jump on the glowing mushrooms you see in the area to gain the amount of shield required to complete this challenge in Fortnite.

Open chests or ammo boxes inside The Driftwood (0/3). The Driftwood is the big floating ship you see in Lustrous Lagoon. Reach it and open the required amount of chests and ammo boxes to complete this Week 2 quest. Many players might land here, so be prepared to fight.

Shoot targets while ziplining (0/3). You can find various zip lines on the map. Many are located west of Cloudy Condos, while others are placed west of Coney Crossroads. Choose any crowded location with zip lines to finish this quest, as you need enemies to shoot from a zip line to complete it. It might not be the easiest to deal with, but only three landed shots are required.

You can find all weekly challenges available in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 below:

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