Downgrade tvOS 15 to tvOS 14 on Apple TV HD [Tutorial]


You can downgrade tvOS 15 to tvOS 14 on your Apple TV HD in a few steps as long as Apple is signing the older firmware.

tvOS 15 Giving You Problems on Apple TV HD? Downgrade Back to tvOS 14 in a Few Simple Steps

The great thing about the Apple TV HD is this; it has a USB-C port at the back. This allows you to do a whole bunch of stuff which is not possible on the newer 4K models. This includes the ability to clean install tvOS whenever you want or perform a downgrade for any reason you may have. It's super convenient, to say the least.

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In today's tutorial, we will show you how you can downgrade tvOS 15 to tvOS 14 on your Apple TV HD. The process is similar to performing a clean installation of any version of tvOS. But remember, this is only possible as long as Apple is signing tvOS 14. Once the signing window is gone, you have no option but to stick with tvOS 15.

What You'll Need


Note: The whole thing should not take more than 30 minutes if everything is followed correctly. This tutorial is not applicable to Apple TV 4K at all.

Step 1. Download and save the tvOS 14.7 IPSW file and save it to your desktop.

Step 2. Connect your Apple TV HD to your PC or Mac using a USB-C cable.

Step 3. Launch iTunes or Finder.

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Step 4. Click on the tiny Apple TV-like button on the left hand side of iTunes / Finder.

Step 5. Click on the Restore Apple TV button while holding down:

  • left Shift key (Windows)
  • left Option key (Mac)

Step 6. Let iTunes / Finder extract the contents of tvOS 14 and restore it onto your Apple TV. Once done, you will be asked to unplug your Apple TV HD and connect it back to your TV.

Once you plug your Apple TV HD back to your TV, you can setup the set-top box like brand new. You will be required to enter your Apple ID credentials to go ahead with the setup, or just use your iPhone or iPad to transfer the settings onto the Apple TV HD. It is entirely up to you how you go about it.

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