Configure Galaxy S21 Power Button to Your Favourite App [How To]


The Galaxy S21 series is undoubtedly one of the best smartphone series available in the market. While we are going to see more flagships coming out later this year, for now, the crown belongs to the Galaxy S21 series. Now, if you did not upgrade to the Galaxy S20 last year, you might be surprised to see that the Bixby key is gone. Samsung decided to remove it last year, and it stays away too. You can now access Bixby using the power button, but by default, this is just a power button or side key, in other words. However, what if I tell you that you can configure the Galaxy S21 power button to more than just locking and waking the phone or turning it off?

In the past, the Bixby button on its own was not remappable; however, ever since Samsung got rid of it and shifted the Bixby functionality over to the power button, it has become a lot easier as far as remapping is concerned. Sure, you can get more features out of it if you are on a rooted device, but if you are running stock and want to change the functionality, this tutorial is for you.

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Easily Configure Galaxy S21 Power Button in a Few Easy Steps

Thankfully, the process of configuring the Galaxy S21 power button is only going to take you a few steps, so let's get started, shall we?

  1.  Head over to the Settings menu on your Galaxy S21.
    Configure Galaxy S21 Power Button
  2. Here, you have to scroll down to "Advanced features" and tap on it.
    Configure Galaxy S21 Power Button
  3. Once you are in Advanced features, look for "Side key" and tap it.
    Galaxy S21
  4. When the Side key menu finally opens, you will change how you will operate the power button on your Galaxy S21 device. By default, double-pressing the power button will open the camera, but if you want it to open an app, select "Open app" and choose the app of your desire.

That is it; once you have chosen the app, you can go back and start using your device the way you normally would. The process only takes a minute or so but allows you to make your overall experience with your Galaxy S21 all the more convenient.

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