How to Watch Apple Event Online – Follow these Blogs!

Rafia Shaikh

In just about half an hour, Apple is going to unveil its iPhone models including a regular Apple iPhone 5S, and a cheaper variant named iPhone 5C. Chief Tim Cook will head on to the stage at Cupertino, California - Apple's headquarters - at 10 am Pacific to prove to the world if the tech giant still has some wonders left in its bag. News is that Apple might not be live streaming the event live from their headquarters. You can keep checking the events page though to confirm.  

In case you want to watch Apple event online, there are a  plenty of blogs and journos to follow. Remember, Apple is certain to be releasing the GM build for iOS 7. Apart from that and the two iPhone models, possible announcement of an upgraded Apple TV, Haswell based Macbook Pro and Retina based Macbook Air is also doing the rounds.

Click on this link to know your time difference and catch up to Tim Cook's keynote at 10am PT. We will try to keep you posted as the event progresses. You can also follow some these blogs too to get live updates from Calif:

We will keep updating the forums live blogging from the event!

If you can't kill the waiting anxiety, read our rumor round-up of Apple's next iPhone 5S here; the speculation of Apple launching a Champagne colored Gold iPhone 5S; or head here to get some rumor chill of unbreakable liquidMetal being used in the production of Apple's next iPhone and the iPad. In just a few minutes we would know for sure which of these rumors actually proved to be spot on!

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