Rumors of Unbreakable LiquidMetal for iPhone 5S and iPad are Back!

Rafia Shaikh

Keeping up with the loads of rumors coming up for the next-gen iPhone, the latest one is about Apple finally using unbreakable LiquidMetal for iPhone 5S and the next generation iPad casing. This rumor had first started with Apple iPhone 5, but as we saw it dint make to the iPhone 5. This time though, things are looking a bit more realistic.

Only yesterday the patent was approved for "bulk amorphous alloy sheet forming processes", granted to the Crucible Intellectual Property. This patent would allow manufacturers to produce sheets of metallic glass of variable thickness: between 0.1mm and 25mm. This wasn't possible at the time of iPhone 5 since the technology then only allowed to manufacture smaller components made from LiquidMetal material. The latest will enable any manufacturer to use the unbreakable metal in any electronic device.

The CIP is a shell company formed with the licensing deal between Apple and LiquidMetal Technology. Even though the technology has existed for many years, it is yet to be seen if the latest patented technology has evolved enough to build an entire iPhone or iPad case completely out of this material. We can't hint at anything right now since patents never go beyond providing theoretical data.

It is worthy to note here that iPhone 5s is planned to be launched in September. Hence, it is very much likely that Apple has already started the mass production of the phone since the leak of successful testing production already came a week ago. Considering that it's only a couple of months till the expected launch, it is unlikely if Apple would be manufacturing the next smartphone with the unbreakable LiquidMetal material.

But if the technology has worked well and Apple decides to go forward, then iPhone 6 would be a better contender for showcasing the unbreakable metal case.

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