How to Turn Off ProMotion on iPad Pro


Sounds like a lame thing to do but here's how you can turn off ProMotion on the iPad Pro tablet from Apple.

What really sets the iPad Pro apart from the regular iPad lineup is the ProMotion display. This means that the display on the iPad Pro can refresh at 120Hz, making everything look buttery smooth. This is more noticeable in games or scrolling through long webpages, making the entire experience worthwhile.

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But while all this is great and all, some users might want to consider turning off the feature for one reason only: save battery life. If you are all up for that, then just follow the steps below to throw yourself back into the dark ages with better battery life.

Note: This tutorial is not applicable on the first-generation iPad Pro (9.7-inch and 12.9-inch, both).

1. Unlock your iPad Pro.

2. Launch the Settings app.

3. Select General.

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4. Now select Accessibility.

5. Tap on Display Accommodations.

6. Tap on Limit Frame Rate.


That's it, from here on in your ProMotion display will turn into a standard motion one with jitter which you can't unsee for the rest of the your life on an iPad Pro. But of course, if you wish to turn the table around then simply tap on the Limit Frame Rate toggle switch again to bring things back to normal.

Now, switching off ProMotion might seem like a terrible thing to do. But on the plus side, you gain some battery life if you are going to use the display a lot for gaming or scrolling around. This might come in handy if you are traveling and forgot your charger behind, leaving you no choice but to conserve as much battery life as possible.

If you really want to squeeze every bit of battery life from your iPad Pro, then you might want to keep ProMotion off for an indefinite period of time.