How to Save Offline Maps in Windows 10 Mobile


Online maps have certainly made our lives easier by helping us getting to new destinations without the trouble of asking others on the road or following a paper map. However, roads could get a little confusing when you don't have a reliable data connection while travelling or don't want to run out of your data buckets while surfing through different locations.

At such times, having the ability to download offline maps saves you from a lot of hassle and of course, expensive data. In times like these when you don't have a WiFi connection and need to access offline maps in Windows 10 when on the road, here is how you can save offline maps to refer to at a later time.

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Save offline maps in Windows 10:

You can now download offline maps in Windows 10 on your smartphones. Follow these very few and simple steps to save offline maps in Windows 10 Mobile:

  1. Go to Settings > tap on System.
  2. Tap on Offline maps.
  3. Now go to Download maps and select the maps that you want to save for later viewing.
  4. Ta da!

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