How to Record Voice Memos in Lossless Audio Quality on iPhone and iPad

voice memos

Here is a complete tutorial on how to record voice memos on iPhone or iPad in lossless audio quality instead of compressed.

Though some might dismiss it a lot, but Voice Memos is a very handy app. You can record your thoughts and ideas on the fly without having to whip out that Apple Pencil or keyboard. Need to record a lecture? You can do that as well. In short, it's a nice little feature which everyone should make use of one way or the other.

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Today we'll show you how to get even more out of Voice Memos. How? By showing you how to record audio in lossless quality. But why? There a lot of reasons you may want to do this. For example, you are recording a quick guitar riff which has to sound crystal clear when you send it over to someone. Or, you decide to use your iPhone or iPad as a mic for your podcast. The reasons might be endless, but we'll show you how to jump into action right now.

Note: By default, the Voice Memos app records everything in a compressed format. This saves a lot of space on your iPhone or iPad but while sacrificing audio quality a little.

1. On your iPhone or iPad, launch the Settings app.

2. Scroll down a little and find the Voice Memos entry.

3. Found it? Now tap to open it up.

4. Now tap to open 'Audio Quality.'

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5. Set to Lossless and close the Settings app.

voice memos

Whenever you record a voice memo from now on, you'll end up doing it in lossless audio which will sound better, obviously.

Keep one thing in mind and it's absolutely important that you understand this: recording audio in lossless quality might be great and all but it will eat up your storage faster than the compressed option. If you are still rocking a 16GB or 32GB iPhone or iPad then you might want to refrain from using this feature altogether, until or unless absolutely necessary.

I will encourage users out there to take this feature for a spin and see how it works out for them. It's a nice way to double up your iOS phone or tablet as a mic for a project that involves a lot of vocals. Who knows, this might even save you a ton of money by skipping on buying a dedicated mic altogether.

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