How to Make your Apple Device Read iBooks in iOS 7 to You

Rafia Shaikh

Regardless of how much we enjoy reading books by indulging in it with all our senses, sometimes we want to have an audio assistant which can read it to us. Especially, when something urgent comes up or we have cook and feed ourselves but we simply can't miss the time on reading our favorite travelogue or novel. For those very times, let's see how can the beautiful iBooks in iOS 7 help you!

Get your Device Read iBooks in iOS 7 to you:
  • Go to Settings > General > Accessibility.
  • Toggle the VoiceOver switch to turn it on.
  • Adjust the speaking rate: drag speed range toward the turtle for slower & the rabbit for faster speed.
  • Note: once voice-over is turned on, you will have to double tap to select an item and use three fingers to scroll on any page.
  • Now to go back, double-tap on Accessibility at the top of the screen. 
  • Using three fingers to scroll, scroll down to Accessibility Shortcut. Double-tap select it.
  • Now select voiceOver. This will allow you to activate/deactivate VoiceOver by triple-clicking the Home button. No need to keep going back to the Settings app each time.
Audio for iBooks in iOS 7:
  • Once settings are done, triple-click the Home button to turn the VoiceOver on (it is recommended to leave it off since using Apple device becomes annoying with this feature on unless you've had some practice).
  • Go to iBooks > select a title > go to the page you left off reading.
  • Triple-click Home to turn on VoiceOver and then single-tap the word from where you want the VoiceOver to start with to select it.
  • With two fingers, swipe downward to activate VoiceOver.
  • Once activated, words will be read to you from iBooks in IOS 7. It will also turn the pages automatically.

You can single-tap the screen with two fingers to stop the device reading to you. Follow it by turning VoiceOver off by triple clicking the Home button.

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