Unable to Download / Update Facebook App? Quick Fixes to Use FB on iOS

Rafia Shaikh

Facebook's iOS 7 optimized app is having some big glitches this week around. After being updated, many users are reporting that they are unable to download Facebook app and it's been crashing on the launch. Today, an updated version v6.7.1 was released with bug fixes, however, many users are simply unable to download Facebook app update from the App Store.

The error "Unable to Download App. "Facebook" could not be downloaded at this time." shows up when you try to update Facebook on iOS. Similar error also shows up when you try updating it from iTunes on the desktop which is giving "There was a problem downloading the artwork for Facebook." error message. These both errors confirm that something is definitely going wrong with the iOS 7 Facebook app. However, we aren't sure if it is at the end of Facebook or some problem with Apple's App Store. unable to download facebook app unable to download facebook app

If you are one of those users who are unable to use Facebook when download failed on you, a very quick fix is to delete the Facebook app and reinstall it again from the App Store. This one although doesn't install the very latest version but it at least lets you to use the app until back-end issues get solved.

Another trick to use Facebook when download fails is by simply tapping on the circular icon in the App Store. App will go in to update mode [do not tap on install] and you will be able to use. This one worked for my iPad.

Let us know if you are facing the same issues, and whether any of these two fixes solved it for you. If you have any other ideas, do share!

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