Apple to Release Mavericks Update to Resolve Issues with iBooks, Safari, Mail & More!

Rafia Shaikh

As reports are coming in, Apple is seeding an updated version of OS X Mavericks [Read: Some of the OS X Mavericks Features – Making Mac Users Even Happier!] internally. This Mavericks update includes updated versions of iBooks, Safari, Remote Desktop, and Mail and is being sent out to employees with performance improvements and bug fixes.

In this Mavericks update, Safari version 7.0.1 is a performance improvement release of the all new version of Safari that had been included in the OS X Mavericks. Although Apple hasn't specified to its employees what the

version actually brings in, however, the version number indicates it would be a bug fixing, performance focused release. Not to do with any new features. Safari in OS X Mavericks had already gained some interface tweaks and integration with Twitter and LinkedIn.

mavericks update

The Remote Desktop Client update will add up some reliability, usability, and patch up some compatibility issues. Apple said that update version 3.7.1 is "recommended for all Apple Remote Desktop clients and addresses several issues related to overall reliability, usability, and compatibility.

The iBooks update version 1.0.1 includes bug fixes and improves performance and stability. The update that will be released to the Mail app would be probably the most important one. The Mail app is currently facing a number of Gmail related issues that would be fixed in the next update. These Mail app bugs are the most annoying ones for the regular users of the application.

As seen previously, new OS updates are often rolled out to the regular consumers within a few days to a couple of weeks after the internal testing among employees. So expect some good Mavericks update sooner than later!

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