How to Capture an Entire Web Page as Image in the OS X

Rafia Shaikh

Troubled about how to capture entire web page as image in OS X? Here is a very easy solution that actually works with every browser - almost. At times we need to capture entire webpages as image for archiving, cropping, blurring out sensitive data or for simply sharing something. The best way is to have something that runs right in your browser reducing the amount of time required for dedicated image editors.

The very simple way to capture an entire web page as an image in the browser is to download Awesome Screenshot. Works efficiently, gives several options and is very neat. Browser extension is available for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. It enables you with quickly capturing web pages, editing and then saving them.

Supported browsers: Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

You can install Awesome Screenshot from your browser's built in extension; or head over to Awesome Screenshot home page to download it. The home page will detect your browser you are currently on, so simply click on the blue button "Get Awesome Screenshot”.

Once installed, you will notice a new Awesome Screenshot button in your browser’s toolbar. On Safari you can see it just to the left of the address bar. When you click the Awesome Screenshot button, it will present you with two options - capture visible part of page and capture entire page. Now, since you can capture the visible part of webpage from usual commands on any machine (⌘ + Shift + 4 on Mac), let's restrict ourselves with capturing complete web page as image. However, if you need to capture and then edit the visible part of any webpage, this will be the best way since editing in dedicated image editor will be added work. web page as image

You can capture an entire web page as image on Safari to grab all the contents quickly with this tool and then once you have captured an screenshot, you will see a landing area to annotate the page. You can now save the image locally or upload it to Awesome Screenshot for further sharing.

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