Hidden File Manager in Android 6.0 Marshmallow – Here’s How to Access It


Stock Android is popular among fans as it's full of features that give users access to system functionality. However, Google has never offered file management options in its mobile operating system to help users manage files on their devices. This has apparently changed with the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow as it carries a stock Android 6 File Explorer. It is nothing exciting compared to the third-party solutions, but does offer some basic operations.

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Android 6 file explorer

How to access built-in Android 6 file explorer:

Google talked about several features of its new mobile operating system at the Google I/O and Nexus event last month, including native fingerprint support, app permissions and Google Now on Tap. However, it didn't mention several of the smaller feature additions in the new OS.

Google has never offered a built-in file manager in its mobile operating system. But now, it seems to offer at least some functionality in the latest Android Marshmallow OS update. It is super easy to access this stock Android 6 file explorer. Here's how:

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Scroll down to Storage and USBandroid 6 file explorer clear app cache
  • In here, tap on Explore.

The stock Android 6 file manager has a simplistic, easy to use interface. While this is not one of the best file explorers you will see, it does let you do some basic things like browsing, sorting, searching, and filtering. You will be able to view internal and external storage files on your device. While there are the basic aforementioned operations present, you cannot do several other things you may want to. No ability to rename, cut, paste the files somewhere else, or create new folders in internal or external storage.

If you are interested in a properly designed and full-blown file explorers with more capabilities thrown in, you can always choose to go for third-party solutions like ES File Explorer that has been serving millions of Android users for all their file management needs.

Let us know if you are liking this stock Android 6 file explorer. Do you think Google will further optimize it in upcoming updates / OS iterations?

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