Horizon Zero Dawn PC Is the First Game to Support AMD’s FidelityFX SPD, in Addition to TressFX and Async Compute


Horizon Zero Dawn PC launched a couple of days ago on both Steam and Epic Games Store. We knew that Sony and Guerrilla had partnered with AMD since the game was bundled with Ryzen processors, but it turns out that AMD also worked alongside the developer to optimize specific features for Radeon graphics cards, including the very first implementation of the FidelityFX Single Pass Downsampler (SPD). Here's the list of the features from the press release issued by AMD:

That said, the port's quality isn't exactly unimpeachable as Keith already mentioned in his performance analysis. This led the current average Steam user review score for Horizon Zero Dawn PC to be below the passing grade; however, the developers have shared another update yesterday to let fans know they're working on improving the performance and other issues.

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