Horizon Zero Dawn PC Hotfix 1.10 Addresses Vegetation Issues on AMD GPUs

Horizon Zero Dawn

A new Horizon Zero Dawn hotfix is now live, addressing one specific issue that has been introduced by the latest update.

Hotfix 1.10 fixes vegetation issues happening on certain AMD GPUs introduced by patch 1.10.

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The Horizon Zero Dawn 1.10 patch has been released last week for the PC version of the game, introducing fixes for select issues and performance improvements for AMD GPUs.

Crash Fixes

  • Crash fix for when players continuously pressed the windows key
  • Crash fix for when you press the LMB on the ESC button in the Benchmark Results

Performance Improvements

  • Issue fixed on AMD GPUs which cost upwards of 250MB of VRAM

Graphical Improvements

  • Fix for negative values in cubemap relighting shader (fixes for example the red graphical glitches in the Hades fight if you let the timer run out)
  • Fix for the graphics settings preset name not updating when you pressed Auto-Detect
  • Fix for the menu (and loading screen) being displayed at incorrect scale when changing AF in borderless mode
  • Fix for the resolution sometimes being too low in windowed mode
  • Fix for the errands quest list overlapping with tutorial quest list

Horizon Zero Dawn is now available on PC and PlayStation 4 worldwide. You can learn more about the open-world game developed by Guerilla by checking out Chris' review of the original PlayStation 4 release.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a pure sign of what can be completed with an exceptionally designed open world. Not only that, it has exceptional characterisation and a sincere story that doesn't shoehorn elements, allowing for the organic growth of characters. This is a game that I can barely find any faults with, except borrowing some elements from other open world games. Even so, it made each and every element its own in one of the best games to date.

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