HongMeng OS Isn’t an Android Smartphone Alternative, Confirms Huawei Executive; Will Be Used for Other Applications

Huawei executives clears the dust regarding HongMeng OS

Huawei’s HongMeng OS was supposed to be the company’s answer to counter the Android license ban if it ended up meddling in the company consumer business. There were near-endless waves of rumors talking about software optimization and how it was faster than Google’s mobile platform, but it looks like Huawei’s Senior Vice President has finally cleared the air on the company’s efforts towards HongMeng OS. Apparently, it is not going to be presented as an Android alternative for smartphones, but it will still have a variety of benefits.

Huawei Executive Says That OS for Smartphones Usually Contain Millions of Lines of Codes, and HongMeng OS Doesn’t Come Even Come Marginally Close to That

Huawei board member and Senior Vice President Catherine Chen at a meeting in Brussels stated that HongMeng OS isn’t designed for smartphones. That is rather strange to hear, especially when the Huawei co-founder repeatedly stated that the company’s custom operating system is likely faster than Android or iOS, but lacks a competitive app ecosystem. Catherine also says that smartphone operating systems feature millions of lines of code, while HongMeng OS doesn’t.

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“An operating system for smartphones usually contain dozens of millions of lines of codes, Hongmeng contains much fewer – in the number of hundreds of thousands – and therefore very secure. HongMeng system also has extremely low latency compared with a smartphone operating system.”

Even though she claims that HongMeng OS features an extremely low latency compared to a smartphone OS, it will be used in IoT-related applications, with the platform apparently being in development way before the Android license ban came into effect.

With this news finally out of the way, Catherine states that Huawei is pledged towards using Android for the foreseeable future. Even recently, we reported that HongMeng OS was expected to make its debut in a smart TV, implying that it might be a platform centered around similar products as well as smart appliances. Earlier rumors were stating that Huawei’s custom operating system might be named Kirin OS, with a company executive highlighting the several challenges that the Chinese giant would have to endure when making an Android alternative.

Still, our gut feeling tells us that Huawei might be prepared for a future ban, and it might have an ace up its sleeve in case things get a little dicey. For now, it looks like HongMeng OS wasn’t the Android alternative that nearly everyone thought it would be.

News Source: Xinhuanet

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