Homebound Crashlands onto VR Headsets


Brace for impact. Quixel released a launch trailer for their gorgeous VR space survival adventure, Homebound, which just hit digital store shelves on PC.

Homebound is a sci-fi VR experience that sets you on a collision course with Earth. You need to figure out how to get back home to Earth without burning up in the atmosphere. Thankfully, you've got the help of a useful ship AI that will guide you through one catastrophic disaster to the next one.

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Homebound is coming from developer Quixel, leading developer of graphic technology for the past decade. Their tech has been used in AAA titles like Battlefield, Destiny, Halo, Doom, StarCraft and Dark Souls. Wiktor Ohman of Quixel talked a bit about how their software Quixel Suite and Megascans was used in order to make Homebound possible:

Homebound is created using Quixel SUITE, the texturing toolkit used in most of today’s major AAA franchises.  It uses Quixel’s Megascans technology to deliver the most believable surfaces to date in VR and we can't wait for gamers to experience it!

Here a list of features you'll have access to by getting the game:

  • VR Compatibility: Both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift support
  • Motion Controller/Gamepad: Play however you like
  • 3 beautiful levels to experience: Deep space, Earth's atmosphere & Earth
  • Time Attack: Beat your own personal best or challenge your friends' scores
  • 10-30 minutes of gameplay: Perfect for parties, or a short break from reality
  • Great replayability: Find new secrets, items, interactive objects - and ways to die
  • Freeroam Mode: Fly around in and explore the environments at your own pace
  • Built with Unreal Engine 4: VR has never been more beautiful

Homebound is out now HTC Vive and Oculus Rift for $8.99. Steam is offering a 20% discount on the game up to full week after release.