How to Hide Purchases in Mac App Store – Tutorial


Want to hide purchases in the Mac App Store, including apps and games? Here's how you can in a few easy steps.

You Can Hide Purchases in Mac App Store Very, Very Easily

As soon as you buy or download an app or game on iOS and macOS, the title goes on to live forever with you in a dedicated Purchased section. But with time, certain apps become redundant, or are retired by their developers. When that happens, the logical thing to do is that you remove the trash one step at a time. We have already shown our readers how it's done on iOS. Today, we will walk you through the process for macOS and Mac App Store.


1. Launch the Mac App Store on your Mac. You can launch it either from the Dock, Launchpad or menu bar.

2. Once launched, let it refresh properly.

3. Now click on the Purchased tab at the top. Let it refresh too.

4. Find the purchase or download you wish to hide.

5. Once found, right click on it, and then click on Hide Purchase.

And that's how you hide purchases in Mac App Store. The process is very simple, but it would have been great if there was an option allowing users to select multiple apps at the same time in order to hide them. Still, whatever we have is more than enough and get the job done.

If you have accidentally hidden something which you didn't mean to, then don't panic at all. While the app or game may not appear in the Mac App Store's Purchased section, you can simply search for it on the store and re-download it, free of cost, given you paid money to purchase it in the first place.

Wrap Up

Removing old purchases from the Mac App Store is a great way to keep things nice and tidy. Over time, we will build up quite a brilliant load of trash we never end up using, and our main apps and games tend to get hidden because of said trash. So, do yourself a favor and wipe clean your Purchased section in the Mac App Store.

You will thank me later.