How to Hide Notification Previews in iOS 11

Hide Notification Previews

Here's a complete guide on how to hide notifications preview in iOS 11 running on iPhone or iPad.

Hide Notification Previews in iOS 11 to Make Your Device Secure Even More.

Given the state of security when it comes to mobile devices these days, we take every possible measure to ensure we are nice and safe. We use hard to guess PIN locks combined with fingerprint authentication, making sure no one breaks into our device. But, there's one thing we tend to slightly overlook - that's notifications and their previews. While they are good and all, they do leave your personal information vulnerable as an onlooker can simply glance at your device's screen to see what the communication was about. It can be a message from a loved one, banking related information and whatnot. To combat this situation, it would be wise to disable notification previews completely, so that no one knows what you're getting even if you leave your device unattended. Here's how you can enable it on a device running iOS 11.

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Hide Notification Previews.

1. Launch the Settings app from the home screen.

2. Now tap on Notifications.

3. At the top you should see an entry called 'Show Previews.' Tap on it to open.

4. You have three options here - Always, When Unlocked, Never. Always will display your notifications preview, while When Unlocked will only hide them when your device is locked, and Never is the default option.

I would suggest going for the When Unlocked option as things can get pretty annoying whenever a notification comes in. Why? Because you will be bound to check every single notification to see what it was about - useless or otherwise. That's just me. You can go ahead with Always if you're looking for maximum protection.

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