Hellblade New Developer Diary Video Showcases Combat System

Hellblade, the new action game currently in development for PlayStation 4 and PC by Ninja Theory, the team behind other action games such as the Devil May Cry series reboot Dmc: Devil May Cry and a few others, has shared earlier today a new developer diary video showcasing one of the game's features.


The new Hellblade developer diary video allows players to take a good look at the game's combat system, which will come with some new mechanics never seen before in the team's previous action titles, and how the team developed it. You can take a look at the new video right below.

The Hellblade final release date has yet to be confirmed, but the team revealed earlier this year that their game will be released simultaneously on PC and PlayStation 4 sometime this year. The team has also revealed back in January that they have other projects in the works, but these projects have yet to be detailed in full.

In the past few months, Ninja Theory has shared plenty of other developer diary videos showcasing some of the Hellblade's features such as characters, gameplay mechanics and more. One of the latest developer diary videos released a while back showcased the game's movement and control, which both look quite interesting.

Hellblade was originally revealed as a PlayStation 4 title a couple of years back, with the PC version getting confirmed last year. Ninja Theory has labeled the game as triple A indie title, as the team was looking for creative independence to explore a compelling subject and gaming experience that would not be possible in the current retail model. With digital self publishing, the team will offer a smaller, but high quality title at half the price of big retail games.

Hellblade will be released sometime this year on PC and PlayStation 4. More news on the game will surely be coming soon, so stay tuned for all the latest news on Ninja Theory's upcoming action game.

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