Harebrained’s BATTLETECH Looks Promising in This Pre-Alpha Gameplay Video

Alessio Palumbo

Harebrained Schemes became popular thanks to the Shadowrun trilogy (Returns, Dragonfall and Hong Kong). Most recently they released Necropolis, an action/roguelike game which received a mixed reception, but now they're working on BATTLETECH.

Currently the 9th most funded Kickstarter game with $2,785,537, BATTLETECH is a turn based top-down mech combat game set in the classic 3025 era of the BattleTech Universe.

Players assume the role of a mercenary commander who leads a group of four vehicles; during the adventure, they may choose which of the noble houses (House Steiner, House Marik, House Davion, House Kurita, House Liao) to serve via specific contracts.

In fact, thanks to one of the stretch goals Harebrained Schemes will add a procedural contract-generation system that ensures players never run out of fresh side-contracts in addition to the campaign. The last stretch goal added PvP multiplayer to BATTLETECH, which takes place in a dedicated combat arena; the studio even promised Tournaments and Leagues that yield rewards.

Today, a gameplay video from the Pre-Alpha Build was shared on YouTube, though it's unlisted (it can only be seen by those who have a direct link). BATTLETECH seems in great shape already, and if you plan to attend Gen Con in Indianapolis this weekend you will even be able to try the game.

With the release date currently scheduled for early 2017 (Windows, Mac & Linux), we'll be sure to track BATTLETECH's progress through development. Stay tuned.

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