Hackers announce a series of hacks on Sony

Rizwan Anwer

The same people who "hacked" Sony Music (although there hasn't been any news about this officially happening) have now released two very unsettling tweets;

The first one is HERE

They are claiming to release the same internal data they stole earlier this week to the public via many filesharing mediums. Whether these guys are planning on attacking the PSN is not known but I do hope that Sony is prepared for their attack(s) if any. I'd once again like to stress my distaste for these hooligans, how can people possibly support their cause? Seriously this is all getting VERY out of hand now and do they plan on dedicating their LIVES to constantly downing Sony? Don't these guys have a life? A family? friends? why do they insist on being such a nuisance and why can't they just stop this stupid charade.


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