Fresh PSN breach only days after uptime

These PSN breaches are really getting out of hand, Don't worry the PSN won't be down on the PS3 or PSP this time the site is the one under fire. Hackers have attacked the password reset page and possibly stolen every password yet again.

When the PSN got restored people were prompted to reset their passwords by following an E-Mail sent to their PSN linked accounts, those people were further required to go to the PSN site and change their password but now that site has been hacked!

A quote from the source confirmed the following:

"Unfortunately this also means that those who are still trying to change their password via or will be unable to do so for the time being," a Sony statement confirmed.

"This is due to essential maintenance and at present it is unclear how long this will take.

"In the meantime you will still be able to sign into PSN via your PlayStation 3 and PSP devices to connect to game services and view Trophy/Friends information."

These hacks are really getting out of hand aren't they? Who could have the power of continuously attacking the PSN like this and get away with this? I just hope that we don't have another April 20th on our hands again, A great amount of games are inbound next month and I really wanna be logged into PSN for when they do release.

Source: MCV

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